Kim Radatz

In my work I explore relationships and the emotions that stem from them: the similarities and differences, the comparisons and assumptions, the ties that bind us together and the issues that drive us apart.


How Did That Happen!!!???

From this: To this: What the heck happened???!!!!! Let me tell you I was at Penland in North Carolina last July when I got the call that Mom had fallen and was near death. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t make it home in time to see her before she died. In my anxiety...

Dorothy Was Right

I am back in my home state of California. I have been gone so long, and lived in Florida so long (with a few other states sprinkled in-between), that Florida has become my home. But flying over the desert as we approached Los Angeles I saw the Salton Sea, a lake I...

Our Collective Stories

Last Thursday, the morning after the talk at Gallery 114, HCC Ybor, I awoke with so many thoughts about our discussions the night before. One week later some of the thoughts linger. It was a lovely, casual conversation about how 3 artists from the show, Fractured...

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