My web designer, Deirdre Powell of Design & Launch, whom I adore (do check her out, not only for a new website, she also has tons of “how-to’s on her site which are very informative!) nudges me to Post more! Blog more! Say more! Get yourself out there! In other words, I need to self-promote if I expect to build a following.

Ugh, I’d rather just stay in my studio and work. I understand it’s a necessary thing if I want to expand my base, but I do not like to talk about myself.

This morning I had an epiphany.

I do not need to talk about myself, but I can talk about the ins and outs of how I do this thing called Art. That I can do.

So, today I will begin this journey. I will not bore us with Me, instead I’ll share things that interest me in hopes that they might interest you, too. I can’t promise I’ll be doing it all of the time, but I’ll start slow and see where this goes.

Welcome to my new website!

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