A Fragile Bridge Connects Us Together WIP


I took some time off from flocking this past year. Flocking is a labor intensive process and very messy. We needed a break from each other.

But now I am flocking again. And I am going bigger.

One would think it would be the opposite, but I tend to take the harder path from time to time. Not to make my life difficult, but rather to see how far I can push something. Sometimes it works, other times, not so great. I am doing full sized chairs this time, and so far, so good.

The final installation will be 2 flocked chairs back-to-back, about 10 feet apart, with a handmade red rope bridge that will maintain a tenuous connection between the 2.

It’s a piece I have had in my mind and sketch book for about 10 years and the piece has decide that now is its time.

It’s titled, A Fragile Bridge Connects Us Together, and though it’s not ready to be seen in its entirety, I wanted to show one part of it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Let’s chat again soon.

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