When I found myself staring down at so MANY feathers on the beach that day, I wondered, “How come I have never noticed all of the feathers before?”

I consider myself to be an aware person. I walk frequently on the same beach. What was the difference on this day?

So I did a little investigating, all on the same stretch of beach but at different times of day.

It was pure luck.

I went earlier that day than I typically would go, which was in sync with the receding tide. The tide, with the help of the breeze, uncovered and dried (thank you for that gift!) the feathers that were perfect for collecting. They were all lined up in a row along the earlier high tide where the birds had hung out.


And gifts from the sea. I am grateful for them and can’t wait to see where they take me in my studio practice.

Thanks for visiting me today, I am grateful for you, too!

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